Corbyn vs. Cameron – a fair comparison?

Corbyn and Cameron in the 1980s

So the photos doing the rounds on Twitter are of newly elected Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and PM David Cameron in the 1980s, doing seemingly very different things.

Corbyn was being frogmarched by police from an anti-apartheid rally, while a tuxedo-wearing Cameron posed up with pals from the Bullingdon Club, the elite society at Cambridge University.

The picture comparison has been shared thousands of times on social media, further cementing the notion that Corbyn is the people’s leader, while Cameron, well, isn’t.

However is it fair to use a photograph of a Tory leader at university as a judgement of his policies today? And after all, Corbyn, being a fair amount older than Cameron, was at a more activist stage in his life. And wasn’t Gordon Brown seen to be a tad anti-English in his uni days?

It would be interesting to see pictures from Corbyn’s student days for a fairer comparison. It would be good to know if he was a man on a mission back them. My hunch says he was, as I just can’t see him in a tux. But no doubt in today’s all sharing ‘no sacred cows’ social media world, well get to find out very soon.

Halima Khatun

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