How twitter gave the Lego Dimensions PR stunt extra mileage 

Lego Dimensions Batmobile  Ghostbuster Ecto-1

So it was just an average day in London when Batman’s Batmobile, the Jurassic Park Jeep, the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 and the DeLorean from Back to the Future revved into town.

No it wasn’t a superhero showdown, nor a Secret Cinema takeover.  It was a PR stunt beautifully executed by Brown Betty PR, who were tasked with promoting the launch of the Lego Dimensions video game, which is set across a series of classic movies.

The vehicles, branded in the Lego Dimensions logo certainly caused a stir as they visited various media offices around the capital, and caught the eye of some nationals, including the Daily Mail.

Twitter was set alight, with people tweeting pictures and posts as they were bemused by the sight of such iconic cars rolling up in front of their very eyes.  It’s definitely thanks to twitter that the story got the PR miles it did, as the immediacy of the platform meant that people could cause a buzz whilst the cars were still in town.  It’s fair to say that ten years ago, before the emergence of tweets and vines, the stunt may not have garnered the same attention.  In yesteryear PR, the gimmick may have been issued with a press invite, to ensure the photographers turn up, followed by a post-event release, which would have taken the edge off the immediacy.

So overall the stunt was a PR success.  Using iconic memorable cars stirs up people’s favourite childhood movie memories, not to mention providing great picture opportunities.  One criticism however, is that the story may not have got as many brand mentions as expected, and the impact of the cars themselves may have overtaken the launch itself.  However, such is the risk with PR, journalists won’t print your article word for word, nor even guarantee a name-check.  For that you have to invest in advertising.  However, a paid-for ad would not have had the same impact as the classic movie cars unexpectedly tearing up London.

What do you think of the Lego Dimensions PR stunt? It would be great to hear your thoughts.   

Halima Khatun

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