Zac Goldsmith as Tory Mayoral candidate – will his PR soundbytes land him the top job?    

                               Zac Goldmsith

So it has been confirmed that Zac Goldsmith is the Tory mayoral candidate for 2016, squaring up against Labour’s Sadiq Khan.

It is of course no real surprise that the Richmond MP won the vote, given that he was always considered a frontrunner for the Conservative representation. In fact, with his PR-friendly image, Goldsmith has provided some choice soundbytes which have no doubt helped his cause, not just for gaining the Tory vote, but for his London-wide campaign next year.

Unlike many Tories who have been dismissive of newly elected Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, it was Goldsmith who urged his peers to take Corbyn seriously, saying that he really could be the next PM, and that dismissing him would be ‘mad’.

Being a lifelong environmentalist, Goldsmith also fosters ambitions to lower air pollution, graffiti, noise and litter in the capital.  Of course, green ambitions need to be married with real solutions to ‘hard issues’, so Goldsmith is also pledging to build 50,000 houses per year in London if he is elected Mayor next year.

This of course is the money-shot and music to the ears of many Londoners who are struggling against the rocketing property prices in the capital, which have increased gastronomically compared to the rest of the UK. This is also the pledge that is grabbing the headlines, and as campaigns of the past have shown, the PR battle is often what swings the campaign, overshadowing policies and the finer detail.  It will be interesting to see what other headlines are made over the next year by both Goldsmith and Khan, in the bid for Boris Johnson’s job.

What do you think of Zac Goldsmith being the Tory Candidate for Mayor?  Share your thoughts.              

Halima Khatun

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