National #BlackCatDay gets social media purring

National Black Cat Day

If you happen to be browsing Instagram or the twittersphere, you’d be forgiven for a letting out a few oohs and aahhs.  It’s National Black Cat Day, and social media is littered (no pun intended) with pictures of our noir feline friends.

The day, championed by the charity Cats Protection, is in honour of black cats, who according to research, spend more time in care than cats of any colour.

Black cats have long had bad PR rep and image problem through no fault of their own. Associated with bad luck, black cats are less likely to find a new home, and more likely to be neglected according to research from the charity.

So to right this centuries-old misrepresentation, National Black Cat Day (or just #BlackCatDay, as trending on Twitter) aims to raise awareness of black cats and promote their welfare, with a view to encouraging families to consider taking them in as they would a more colourful feline.

The story has gained traction, with nationals such as the Telegraph and the Express promoting the day.  But, as is the case with many modern day campaigns, the real mileage has been on social media, with owners of black cats taking to their platforms to show cute pictures of their pets.

Black kittens on #BlackCatDay

So the brains behind #BlackCatDay can call the campaign a success. Banking on the public appetite for sharing on social, as well as the nation’s love of pets, plus some shocking stats about the plight of black cats, has pushed them to the front of the news agenda.  And it’s about time too, if anyone needs and deserves good PR after aeons of demonising, it’s our black cats.

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Halima Khatun

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