This Girl Can launches spin off campaign


One of the most memorable adverts this year has to be Sport England’s This Girl can, which featured women of all sizes working up a sweat in the Zumba class, at spin, and whilst swimming, while Missy Elliot’s Get Your Freak On blared in the background.

Powerful, unabashed, and in your face, the advert celebrated real women, and provided the perfect antidote to the usual unattainable aesthetic presented in the media.  Whilst it was geared towards getting women to exercise, it could have been mistakes for a Nike sportswear advert with its slick cinematography and edgy musical score.

As a spin off, This Girl Can has launched a spin off campaign aimed at encouraging women to take up sport in the winter. Using real people case studies, the advert has a softer, heart-warming appeal. While it doesn’t quite pack the punch of the original advert, the messages of exercising safely as the nights get darker, are clear and relatable through the women sharing their story:

What do you think of the latest ad from Sport England?  Is it as good it’s first, award-winning effort?

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Halima Khatun

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