Huffington Post condemns Donald Trump’s racist views – will others follow suit? 


Today the Huffington Post did something very unusual for a news site – it expressed opinion.  In reaction to Donald Trump’s statement that he will enforce a ‘total and complete shutdown of all Muslims entering the US’, until – as he vaguely advised – ‘this country’s representatives figure out what is going on’, the Huffington Post has hit back.

The Post initially reported on Trump’s presidential campaign in their Entertainment section, as they deemed it nothing more than a sideshow to the real race for the top job.  But since the rhetoric has turned uglier – Trump has gone from scapegoating Mexican immigrants, to declaring a blanket ban on Muslims entering the US, either as tourists or to live – the site has gone from reporting the story, to actively condemning it.

Written by Arianna Huffington, the article ‘A note on Trump – we are no longer entertained’, lists Trump’s many controversial views, which range from misogyny to bigotry and much more in between. The article vows that they will now report on Trump’s views differently, highlighting clearly the damaging implications this will have on peoples’ views, and the national debate as a whole.

What makes the Huffington Post’s stance so unusual is that the news is based fundamentally on being impartial and unbiased.  Of course, any seasoned journalist will tell you that there is often an agenda behind many a news story, but nonetheless, opinion is prohibited.

However, clearly, with such strong opinion expressed by Trump, the Post certainly felt a need to give his campaign some further context, and is very clear in its condemnation.  However, will other newspapers and sites follow suit?

For public service broadcasters such as the BBC, it would be difficult to express such opinion, and even national newspapers may feel the need to reserve any views to their comments sections.  However, the Post has made a brave move away from traditional reporting, and while it may not signify a sea-change in the world of news, it certainly makes them stand out, and echoes the views of many of its readers.

Do you think the Huffington Post is right to report on Trump’s campaign differently to that of other candidates? Or should a news site remain impartial?  Share your thoughts in a comment below.    

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Halima Khatun

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