NHS and Tinder app hook up is a masterstroke for organ donation   


The NHS has partnered with notorious dating app Tinder to raise awareness of organ donations, and how simple it is to register to be a donor.

The Tinder app has a simple premise, where people find their perfect match by simply swiping a picture they like.  In a bid to encourage more young people to become organ donors, for the next fortnight people who swipe on some pictures will be asked to sign up to the NHS organ donor register.

To add further fuel to the campaign, Tinder has roped in some celebrities, including Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing, and created bespoke profiles which will also draw attention to the importance of organ donation.

The campaign comes as NHS Blood and Transplant reveals that the number of people in the UK donating organs after their death has fallen for the first time in over ten years.  There are less than 7,000 people on the UK transplant waiting list, whilst in the in last decade, more than 6,000 people in Britain have died while waiting for an operation.

The Tinder and NHS organ donation hook-up is a masterclass in clever campaigning.  Tinder is relevant, popular and has gained something of a cult status.  In fact, the single world is divided into two types of people – those that are on Tinder, and those that are not. It’s also an app that is oftentimes referred to in popular culture, with TV music and more referring to Tinder as they would Google or Facebook.

So by collaborating with Tinder, the NHS has aligned itself with a very relevant brand that speaks to younger people.  Add to this the fact that the app’s simple functionality of swiping left or right, has been leveraged for the campaign. The main theme is, while it takes just a few swipes to find the perfect match, registering for organ donation is just as simple.

The campaign has of course caught the interest of the BBC, and the national newspapers.  Of course, it’s only after the campaign that the success can really be measured.  But with its pop culture relevance, targeted messaging and celebrity endorsement, the campaign does seem the have the key ingredients for a great recipe.

Halima Khatun

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