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This Q and A sees the Managing Director or Midnight Lumiere, Irene Kyme, shed some light on the importance of video content in today’s content-rich business world.    

1) Should businesses include video as part of their marketing strategy?  If so, why?   

Video can be a hugely beneficial part of a marketing strategy for a number of reasons.  Having video on your website can improve its SEO.  Google places an onus on original and high quality content, and therefore video production can make a big impact on this.  Extra value is also placed on websites where traffic stays for longer and so a 3 – 4 minute video can really help with this.

Video can also help corporates to present a human face to their customers.  If you’re a huge firm like Shell, video can really help tell stories about staff or customers that make them appear more trustworthy and reliable.

Reaching new audiences or customers can often be difficult for established corporates but video production can do this by introducing humour and a new tone of voice.  For example, the hugely popular Evian Baby & Me video from last year became a huge viral hit and engendered positive feeling about the brand.


2) Is video production the reserve of larger corporate brands, or should small companies be producing videos?

Since video has such a huge affect on SEO, it’s really something that every head of PR or marketing should be considering as part of their annual budget.  Video doesn’t always have to be an expensive option.  User generated video shot by company employees can be just as effective as big budget campaigns – as long as it’s presented in the right way.  Midnight Lumiere has worked with a number of clients that has shot video on iPhone and has then asked us to edit professionally and present within their own branding and graphics.

Additionally for even smaller start-ups, video is often a must for attracting investment in the company on websites like Kickstarter.


3) What about B2B? Is video relevant for B2B businesses?

Video is just as effective for B2B as B2C – the key is in the tone of voice and messaging, as well as where the video is hosted.  LinkedIn is a formidable tool in targeting B2B clients with video, along with a wider social media campaign to promote it.

The video we produced for High Street solicitors Saul Marine helped them attract a new audience of property developers and views for the video are at over 18,000 and counting.


4) With the growth of blogging and YouTube, could SME’s produce their own videos? 

Absolutely – for clients with small budgets we actively recommend shooting simple videos themselves.  iPhones now have the capability to shoot 4Kvideo and with a little advice from a professional along with some post-production, you can produce something that looks good on a much smaller budget.

A word of caution is that you always get what you pay for.  If you’re looking for a slick and beautiful video to push out as part of a big campaign then it’s worth investing more budget, but if you only need a simple interview based video for your website then something user generated can work.


5) What are the key elements of a powerful video?

Storytelling, to hook a viewer in and make them watch a video to the end, and human interest, featuring real people other than your company executives to make your video more interesting and less corporate.   The best commercial videos have been those that don’t feel a corporate video or an advert, for example the John Lewis Christmas Ad.


6) Once a video is produced, how can a business make sure it reaches as many of its audience as possible?  

We always recommend that clients factor in budget for distribution of a video.  There is no point in producing a beautiful video that no one is going to see.  There are many ways of going about this, for example through PR distribution, social media marketing and paid for placement online.  We offer advice on how to distribute video right at the beginning of production to ensure that the right content is produced with the distribution platform and objectives in mind.

Midnight Lumiere is a video production, content marketing and distribution company.

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