#2015InFiveWords – and business tips for 2016  


I can’t quite believe it’s nearly the end of 2015, the year I launched HK Communications!

Taking the leap from working for some of the UK’s largest corporates to setting up my own consultancy, has been exciting, nerve-wracking, but ultimately hugely fulfilling.

I’ve had some great successes, I get to work with some brilliant clients, and met some amazing people.  I’m looking forward to 2016.

For any organisation or business, whether you’re a start-up or established entity, you’ll be looking to 2016 and thinking of ways to develop, grow and prosper.  And you’ll undoubtedly know how hard it is to gain and retain clients, stand out from the growing competition and reach your ever increasing targets.

I’ve been there and I am still doing that. So for any business that wants to make 2016 their year, here are the five words I swore by in 2015, and can benefit you in 2016:

  1. Exceed – be brilliant at all times. This might seem hard to achieve, but the sure fire way of maximising word of mouth and gaining repeat business from existing clients is to be excel in the work you to. Make them want to work with you again. Ensure you’re at their front of their mind when they have a contact in need of a product or service you offer.
  2. Nurture – existing relationships. The mistake many businesses make is that in the pursuit of new business, existing clients get overlooked as they’re seen as ‘in the bag’. Don’t forget, it’s much easier to get more work from an existing client than is it to get any business from a new client, so nurture these relationships, and give them the time they deserve.
  3. Contact – Make ‘keeping in touch’ a part of your schedule. It’s easy to be side tracked in the day to day running of business, but keeping in touch with contacts, colleagues, stakeholders, ex-clients and your general business network is vital.  And it doesn’t mean pestering for work.  Newsletters, developments or phone calls are much less of a sell, and much better received.
  4. Endorsement – get people talking. It’s no good for you to just say how great you are, you need other people to say it for you. If you’ve done a great job for a client, get a testimonial.  If it was a standout project, create a case study. Remember, your clients aren’t just a short-term source of revenue or a sales target, they’re your advocates and cheerleaders who may cement your success for years to come.
  5. Learn – when you’re running a business you never stop learning. The internet is changing, your customers are changing, and the world is changing. If you don’t evolve with all these things, you get left behind. So keep abreast of your industry, attend networking events, and see what’s being said about you and your niche on social media.

I hope these tips help you in 2016, and beyond. If there’s anything you want to add to this list, drop a note in the comments section below.


Halima Khatun

Director of HK Communications

Halima Khatun

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