How to find the PR gold in your business

getting publicity and PR coverage for small businesses

If you’re a small business or start-up, getting free, credible PR is vital. Why? Because not only can you save on a potentially hefty advertising cost, but it also enables you to get an invaluable third-party endorsement. After all, if someone else says you’re great, it carries much more weight than you saying it about yourself.

But the biggest challenge you may face is that without the guidance of a PR expert, is knowing if your business story will interest the press.

At HK Communications, we offer PR 101 advice to small businesses and start-ups to help them become their own PR experts and save on big agency fees. Through this work, two common issues consistently crop up –

A) A business doesn’t think the media will be interested in hearing about their news.
B) A business thinks they’ve got a great story, but they pitch it to multiple publications and they’re greeted by a radio silence.

So here are a couple of myths to bust if you fall into the above categories – you do have a good story in your business. It’s simply a case of knowing what the story is, and what element of that story is of interest to the media, as well as what type of media (i.e. local paper, trade press, TV channel) will be interested.

It might sound hugely complex, but it’s really not.

So first things first, we’re solving the key issue for you – finding the story in your business. We’ve created a blueprint of all the questions you should be asking yourself about your business to establish the stories that are newsworthy. Without this, you’ll be wandering aimlessly between scenario A and B.

We’ve also detailed relatable examples so you can see how other businesses use such stories.

This blueprint is complementary, so get your copy now, and start getting your stories noticed by the media:

If you’d like to find out how to uncover a story in your business that journalists will love to cover, download our free storyfinding toolkit here.

Halima Khatun

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