Halima speaks to StartupNation for International Women’s Day

Unless you’ve been having a TV/technology/media-free week, you will no doubt have noticed that it’s International Women’s Day today. In honour of the occasion, our director Halima Khatun, a passionate advocate and supporter of small businesses, wrote for StartUpNation, one of US’ largest publications aimed at entrepreneurs.  Halima shares her own startup journey, and imparts practical advice on surviving and thriving as a business owner.

The advice shared is relatable to men and women alike, and it goes beyond the realms of PR. Halima talks about issues all business owners feel at some point or other, whether it’s imposter syndrome, or the inability to say ‘no to’ new business opportunities.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Keep learning (but don’t be afraid to get help)

Innovation is the lifeblood of a startup. When you are running your own business, it’s important to keep learning and refreshing your skills in order to stay ahead of the ever-changing landscape. In a larger corporation, you have your role, and there is a whole team around you taking care of everything else. In a startup, you’re the CFO, PR manager, new business director, social media manager, HR and more. It’s a lot to juggle, and can be a major learning curve.

As an entrepreneur running a startup, it makes total sense to be lean and want to save money. With Google providing answers to just about everything, it’s easy to think you don’t need help. But here’s the thing – you do need help, and that’s OK.

It’s virtually impossible to do everything yourself, and in the quest to save money, you sometimes lose more in terms of wasted time. I set up my DIY PR course for this very reason. I know that startups can’t always afford to hire a PR agency, so instead some entrepreneurs spend hours trying to figure it out for themselves, with no success.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, no matter what area of your business you’re struggling with. No startup is an island.

You can read the full article here: https://startupnation.com/start-your-business/women-business-international-womens-day/.

We’d also love to know what your biggest challenge is/was when running your own business, and what has helped you overcome it.  Leave your feedback in a comment below.

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Halima Khatun

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