When is the best time to pitch to a journalist?

A burning question that comes from all start-ups and small businesses wanting to do their own PR… When is the best time to call a journalist with their pitch or story idea?

Getting the timing right can make the difference between a journalist using your story, or ignoring it. And that’s where I’m here to help….

While there is no ‘one size’ solution, I share my best practice for pitching timings, based on my previous experience as a journalist, as well as my current role as a PR consultant. I divulge some basic tips to find the best time to pitch based upon the publication, and crucially, the times not to call.

This video is perfect for the entrepreneur or small business owner that wants a jargon-free intro to the world of PR!

If you’d like to find out how to uncover a story in your business that journalists will love to cover, download our free storyfinding toolkit here.

Halima Khatun

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