How to find stories in your startup that will get you media coverage

This video shows you the key stories that YOU have in your startup or small business, that will get you media coverage. Watch to see how you can get amazing column inches with credibility, without spending on advertising. You can get our full complimentary storyfinding toolkit here: If you’re a small business or start-up, […]

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PR vs advertising

PR vs advertising debunked The latest video on the HK Communications vlog talks about PR vs advertising. These are two things which constantly get confused, and common questions from startups include: ‘do I have to pay for media coverage? Can I request copy approval before a story about me is published? How do I know […]

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How to maximise your heard-earned PR coverage

So you’ve managed to secure some coverage for your business in your local, regional or national media – congratulations! But don’t just let it sit there. What you do with the coverage AFTER it’s been featured will make all the difference to the credibility and success of your start-up or small business. Don’t make the […]

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