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Huffington Post condemns Donald Trump’s racist views – will others follow suit? 

Today the Huffington Post did something very unusual for a news site – it expressed opinion.  In reaction to Donald Trump’s statement that he will enforce a ‘total and complete shutdown of all Muslims entering the US’, until – as he vaguely advised – ‘this country’s representatives figure out what is going on’, the Huffington […]

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How will the food industry respond to the proposed sugar tax?

It’s fair to say that some elements of the food industry have taken something of a battering in recent times. With the WHO (World Health Organisation) highlighting the link between processed meat and cancer, and Jamie Oliver’s campaign against sugar, it seems that the ‘treats’ industry, which has long enjoyed a sweet-toothed market, may be […]

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What does Alton Towers’ ‘human error’ finding mean for the future of theme parks? 

Alton Towers has revealed that it was human error that caused the collision of its Smiler ride, which left two women needing their legs amputated and others injured. While the findings defend the safety mechanisms of the ride itself, they throw into question the dangers of human manual involvement with high-speed rides.  Merlin Entertainment, which […]

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