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Why a cause-driven campaign will always be PR gold      

When some of the world’s top PR professionals were asked to vote for their favourite campaign of the past 12 months, there was one strong theme connecting the top contenders. Always #LikeaGirl, Sport England’s This Girl Can, National Blood Week’s missing Type, and Dove’s Real Beauty campaign all had strong, cause-driven messages. Female empowerment was […]

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Huffington Post condemns Donald Trump’s racist views – will others follow suit? 

Today the Huffington Post did something very unusual for a news site – it expressed opinion.  In reaction to Donald Trump’s statement that he will enforce a ‘total and complete shutdown of all Muslims entering the US’, until – as he vaguely advised – ‘this country’s representatives figure out what is going on’, the Huffington […]

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This Girl Can launches spin off campaign

One of the most memorable adverts this year has to be Sport England’s This Girl can, which featured women of all sizes working up a sweat in the Zumba class, at spin, and whilst swimming, while Missy Elliot’s Get Your Freak On blared in the background. Powerful, unabashed, and in your face, the advert celebrated […]

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Eating out and fatty food – the new smoking?

So the World Health organisation (WHO), dramatically announced that processed meats such as sausages, bacon and ham can cause cancer.  In fact, those who eat 50g of processed red meat a day – that’s around two slices of bacon – have an 18% increased risk of developing colorectal cancer. Just last week, campaigners were urging […]

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