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Huffington Post condemns Donald Trump’s racist views – will others follow suit? 

Today the Huffington Post did something very unusual for a news site – it expressed opinion.  In reaction to Donald Trump’s statement that he will enforce a ‘total and complete shutdown of all Muslims entering the US’, until – as he vaguely advised – ‘this country’s representatives figure out what is going on’, the Huffington […]

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Can Alton Towers repair its reputation after the smiler crash?

Merlin Entertainments, the owner of Alton Towers, has reported an 11.4% drop in its revenue compared with last year, and there’s one main reason why.  Everybody’s heard about the horrific Smiler crash in June, which left 16 people injured, two of whom needed to have their legs amputated. This was followed by media speculation around […]

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Instagram’s #curvee and Tesco’s Ribena ban – Is any publicity good publicity? 

  So last week saw two famous bans.  Instagram banned – then reinstated – the hashtag #curvy, while Tesco removed Ribena and Capri-Sun from its shelves in a bid to prevent childhood obesity (despite still selling Coca-Cola). While both brands acted for the presumed greater good, adopting something of a socially conscious approach, their tactics […]

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