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World Economic Forum’s to-do list causes a twitter storm

So the World Economic Forum caused a furore when it posted a list of 14 things that highly successful people do before breakfast.  Yes, 14.  And it doesn’t even include dressing, showering or brushing one’s teeth.  Instead, the rather unachievable list includes networking, working on a top priority business project and a passion project.  For […]

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Instagram’s #curvee and Tesco’s Ribena ban – Is any publicity good publicity? 

  So last week saw two famous bans.  Instagram banned – then reinstated – the hashtag #curvy, while Tesco removed Ribena and Capri-Sun from its shelves in a bid to prevent childhood obesity (despite still selling Coca-Cola). While both brands acted for the presumed greater good, adopting something of a socially conscious approach, their tactics […]

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